The Weight System: Punishment for Solo Players

For me, as a solo player, I’m getting tired of the weight system constantly slowing me down. I feel like this is a punishment for solo Tarkov players who are good at the game. Every time I kill two players and grab their loot I’m limping to extract for 20-30 mins. I have to prone crawl to regenerate my stamina like what. Even after grabbing one person's decent loot, I’m over 50kg but if I ever kill more than two ppl that’s gg I’m over 70Kg. I get the realism ppl are gonna talk about or just play with a squad but that’s not fun for me.

I have been playing Tarkov solo since 2017 and this is the only time where I feel like I’m getting punished for being a good solo player. I just think they should remove the weight system for now or increase the amount you can carry. Maybe with skills they can do something where you would be able to carry more. Another way I think they should just not allow backpack stacking and giving people the ability to put in items cases into backpacks while they are in the inventory.

Honestly, I don't enjoy the weight system this is what I think what about you guys?


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