The wheels are coming off this game and its hilarious, absurd, and frustrating

Yesterday a scav ran right through a metal wall into my squad's spawn on factory. The main menu is barely functional, the random bugs and issues are unforgiving – DCs that randomly kill you. I had a friend DC yesterday and while I was guarding him as he reconnected he just dropped dead.

I personally get DCd almost every raid – ive spent 10 hours on the phone with netgear and even hired a guy to come to my house for 3 hours to troubleshoot my network.

I have been playing this game since Dec. 2016, so im not mad, just observing that the wheels are coming off as they are probably focusing on the upcoming patch. Be assured its pretty normal for the game to turn into a bit of a shitshow mid wipe as the focus on upcoming patches.

The best thing to donis remember that the game is unfinished, it goes through phases, and its rewarding if you can get past the rage and fristration of it.

P.S. – as a long time player I recommend taking intermittent breaks to preserve your sanity.


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