The “worst” aspect of the game is by far my favorite [new player since December]

The game is soooooooooooobad at teaching you the basic mechanics (mining, money making, engineeers, etc) that makes it by far the most appealing aspect for me. In the first 50 hours the game constantly reminds yourself that you worth noting in the Elite universe.

You cant mine? Who care, somebody else will do it

You cant trade? There is a lot of CMDRs trading

You cannot do bounty hunting? F*ck you CMDR, you`re a pussy and there is a lot of mercenaries out there waiting to get his hands dirty

I constantly i have to do a lot of research in Google / Youtube / Reddit to understand the mechanics of Elite.

The Milky Way is huge and vast. You`re not the hero, you`re not the "chossen one". You worth nothing CMDR.

Elite Dangerous should be categorized instead as an "IRL SIM".


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