The “You gotta try this before your second wipe” list.

We've got about a month before the wipe, and first-wipe players are soon to play with enough fundamental knowledge to hit the ground running after struggling through first-timer mistakes. That means going in knowing that you should exploit network latency, run people down like it's Quake 3, and never buy helmets except to mount night vision.

But while first wipers are in the process of overcoming gear fear, there's still a lot of Tarkov experience that can't be experienced early in one's first wipe due to finances and being busy learning the fundamentals. So, what are the late-wipe things that players who've finally gotten their sea legs should be doing with all that money that's going to be gobbled up by the Langoliers come some Thursday near Christmas? Should we be test driving the several sniper rifles? Running T-5k's or SR-25's instead of spamming the same old, boring M4's? Is it time to buy thermals and troll people who bought Tarkov on sale this weekend and thought Woods meant there were places to hide? Buy grenade cases, stuff them in a huge backpack, and never stop throwing bombs? Test drive every sight and scope in the game? Run nothing but drum mags?

What's the best use of soon to be lost bankroll for first-raid players who are able to afford the kinds of stuff they've never used and wouldn't think to try because they've gotten used to the entry level gear and don't know what they're missing?

t. A first wipe player with a heap of Scav Case-delivered T-5k's and SR-25's that haven't been used because also a heap of M4's beside them.


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