Theory: ship buffs are incoming

Discounted Lacon ships have one thing in common: they all could really use improvements.

Look for yourself:

– Asp Scout, Diamondback scout, Keelback, Type-7, Type-10

Not a single ship in the in this list is considered meta or even good. Some are considered among worst in the game.

Core Dynamics are less sus, but still:

Federal ships discounted are in "not meta, not terrible" category. Smaller discount might indicate small buffs for FAS, Dropship, Gunship.

Eagle isn't relevant – you can buy a much better combat ship after killing 4 pirates near beacon.

Vulture is only discounted ship which is in ok state.

Ship selection makes sense for balancing. Models refresh will make a good end to "bad profit margins" story. Makes sense for Fdev too since they are on balancing spree.

Seems like everything points to ships rebalance in near future. Might be optimistic, but I want to believe.


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