There are some GOOD players out there too.

While I run into the usual kinds of troublesome players others do, I do run into good players as well.

Constructors who have reached some kind of mighty status with Decoy. They use it offensively, planting it down in a good place and then opening fire with a shotgun/AoE weapon/melee weapon while the decoy'd husks are getting plastered with crossfire from other players.

Buff spear players. They're using that one music spear to buff players with strong weapons, and then staying close and covering your back/using abilities.

War Cry Soldiers, I've been seeing more soldiers using War Cry effectively with their teammates and then subjecting husks to crossfire from their weapon, usually an assault rifle.

Shocktower + Shotgun Outlanders. They phase shift close to the husks, slap down the tower and follow it up with a shotgun, usually the sci-fi one, while being at 90 degrees to your position and putting husks in a nice crossfire.

Double-team the riot husk players. These are players who realize that if the Riot Husk is heading towards another player, that's when it is a great opportunity to shoot it in the back. And if it turns back to them, then the OTHER player shoots it in the back.

High ground bow ninjas. Unlike the usual Lynx+bow Ninja, these use it from high ground, fire it a couple of times at clumps and then switch weapons to take out any individual stragglers remaining. Then switch back to the bow for more AoE against groups. They also tend to be good at watching your back.

Players who adjust their tactics/weapons depending on what they see you doing. I saw a player yesterday who was having trouble with encampments. Their weapon wasn't a bad one, but was better for stragglers than clumps. I was using the Plasmatron 9000 the automatic penetrating plasma ring pistol with an SMG for any stragglers/mist monsters and ghost pistol for Riot Husks. So I see them switch from the weapon they were using to also using the plasmatron and forming a crossfire with my plasmatron. We were wiping out encampments VERY quickly.

I was in a 108 Retrieve the Data (IIRC) yesterday with one other player. The landing spot was in a great defendable position so I began setting up traps and whatnot. This player basically added to what I was doing in some VERY effective ways. I think we had about maybe 20 traps total. When the defense started we figured out that one of the walls was in a bad spot, we knocked it down and then sat back and basically focused our attention on mist monsters (a LOT of Blasters), propanes (late in the defense) and lobbers. A LOT of Lobbers, I hate those flame-haired artillery husks MORE than smashers.


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