There seems to be an issue with lack of Changelog/Patch notes

So, i'm starting to realize here that after some of the bigger patches with content changes, there are some patch notes….but there are a lot of things that aren't being stated.

For the smaller ones, we're mostly SoL, no patchnotes no change log to be found whatsoever.

How do we know what is changing? How do we know that they're even working on anything?

Three-ish years of development and they've barely gotten this far, I mean why wouldn't you post your changelog so people know what is working, what is intended etc.

It's a beta and if they wanted to really test appropriately the data would be there. I'm thinking this is out of sheer laziness and probably because someone doesnt even know what they're changing in the game half the time and they will find out what they did once it breaks and gets reported.


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