There should be a limit to the amount of blue coins you can get in a row.

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After having blue coin for 11 games in a row (I'm not kidding) I started to think:

Shouldn't it be a limit to the amount of blue coins you can get in a row?

It is no secret that in this game the one who has the blue coin has a disadvantage (in most cases), starting in this game, specially when there is a completely control dominated meta can end up in you losing from the start.

The one who starts has no option but to start placing units that are going to get destroyed as soon as they touch the board, this in itself is annoying and can lead to very difficult matchups, add the fact that the going 2nd player decides when the round ends makes it even worst.

That is shit that happens in this game because devs have not been able to come up with a solution, alright. But there should at least be a cap of how many matchs you get to start in a row, how something like this has not been implemented yet? This has been a concurrent problem ever since closed beta and we still don't have a proper system to detect when a player is receiving many blue coins and adjust the matchmaking?

It is not the first time I had a blue coin strike like this, and I'm sure It won't be the last that I'll be going through this as well as many other.
It is completely infuriating to have a handicap every single match, most matchs I am playing with blue coin I am losing in this control/removal meta, it makes me not even want to play because I know that FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON I will be most likely getting a blue coin next game.


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