Thermal surely bugged?

I just hopped on and went into an offline Reserve raid to see if all the changes I've been hearing about were actually true and…wow. Thermals are just downright wacky now.

Has anyone heard anything from BSG saying this was actually in intentional change and not a bug or unintended ''feature''? Thermals were a hot button issue before and I'll admit I was leaning toward the 'No-likey' side before this update since I feel they make things too easy, but now I've gotta join the thermal haters since maps like Reserve or Woods are just gonna be a game of ''Hide from the Thermals'' for the rest of this wipe, and a few weeks into the next one.

If they keep these changes, whoever gets themselves a few thermals first next wipe and uses them effectively is gonna snowball their loot value a hundred fold.


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