These PL130 leechers are insane.

I just had a RTD game in venture where I went to the objective, built and upgraded everything except putting traps because I noticed this other player was just going around farming. I could’ve trapped myself but I instead went and asked hey could you help put down some traps please?

Guy went silence and kept farming its all good I waited there til 5 sec before balloon dropped(was thinking trap at the last second if he didn’t do anything) , and he came back literally shot down the balloon and shot some in my face too and just backed to farming….

I got a bit triggered left the thing untrapped and we ofc failed the mission, he then typed in chat and called me noob…. Please ffs I just sometimes wanna do public lobby and chill and this is all I get.

I admit I was a bit triggered and probably didn’t have to be, but i just have been spending a lot I mean a lot mats building and putting traps in pubs, I just hope I could have some help once when my mats are running low. For real tho, how can I report this player? It’s sad. I mean I’m sad.


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