These QoL changes are making the Game too easy

With the recent addition of new crafts for quests in the hideout the game basically plays itself now and turned into a clicker 🙁

So i propose a number of changes to get the game back to its real hardcore roots.

  1. On startup all game settings including keybinds get randomized. This would help realism as it simulates well how you have to reorient yourself after blacking out on two bottles of vodka.

  2. Add a laundry machine to the hideout and after every raid you have to wait an hour to wash your cloths and have to play a mini game sorting laundry. If you sort your laundry wrong all your clothes get pink

  3. In an effort to reduce cheating on labs all mouse and keyboard controls get deactivated on that map and you can only play using a combination of a dancemat and a rockstar guitar.

  4. Randomly during a raid burglars can enter your hideout and steal valuables from your stash and destroy hideout upgrades.

  5. Remove the linked search as well as item names and descriptions.
    i think it's obvious that these two features make gun building way to easy. if you are not able to identify the item from the picture you don't know guns well enough to qualify for playing this game.

What are your thoughts ? Do you disagree and should go back to playing Fortnite/CoD, or will you enter my circlejerk about how every QoL change is a step in the wrong direction?


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