These two abilities seem random and out of place? Jug ward, and life stealer infest.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

  1. why does our carry have a random ability that heals me more than dazzle, oracle, and most other supports on the team? (even more than urn). I mean even if it was replaced with banner that increased attack speed or something it will be more interesting.
    Not to mention this ability is not very consistant. Its almost useless vs sniper or other ranged heroes and quite imba vs melee heroes, since if they chase the ward they are dead. so even in terms of balance it doesnt seem that good. I dont think we have many abilities that become OP or totally useless just like that.
  2. Infest: tbh infest aghs seem fitting for the hero. But why infesting allied heroes and randomly healing them? I'd say make his current aghs the default ulti that attacks enemies.

I am not saying they are bad or useless. they just dont seem that interesting.


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