They even stripped me off my White Pilot Suit – A Bunch of Complains

  1. Lighting just sucks.
  2. Now even those standard pilot suit is now paid. 50 arx for what? a f recolour. And even my flat white pilot suit is gone… don't look gucci anymore
  3. Missions don't have scale of nothing, wtf is a one trillion ly and 3h to complete? And to make matters even worse, the reward is almost nothing.
  4. There is no diversity between pilots suits, i mean, they are the same of the same, and now reduced.
  5. can't do albinos or vitiligo afflicted commanders
  6. our commanders don't have emotes.
  7. commanders are in need of hair, even the npc have somewhat better hair than the players does…
  8. the hud isn't able to rescale to some screen ratios
  9. the wheel thingy is borked as heck
  10. the galaxy map/system map is very weird and somewhat counter-intuitive… even to request a shuttle you take eons just to the game percieves that you clicked in the place you wanna go…
  11. some mission send you to a tidally locked planet that is so hot and you can't complete the thing… engineers could devise a way to deal with that kind of stuff… even if we lost power faster than normal…

Just to illustrate

Look this, why we can't have that open jacket?

Or that, we should look like what the raxxla we want right?

Or that, i mean, i bet that all of these are swappable, and use the same rig and of course the head isn't the same mesh as the suit itself…

Let me use a pretty and fully metallic helmet… and two pack of the same recolour? We should have packs of different stuff. One of the best helmet is somewhat hidden by a f hat… a cowboy hat in space…
If you wanna recolour, add more colours for raxxlas sake


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