They should change the flea market back to the way it was.

I figured that some things would become stagnant with the recent changes to the flea market, but it feels like all weapon parts are just non existent now. After finally reaching level 10, I was looking forward to using guns that actually worked the way I wanted to, rather than using the ones I found on scavs. But no matter what kind of build I chose, all the parts were unavailable, or ridiculously overpriced (because you would have ONE dude put it up for 160k, because nobody else had any listed).

I realize that the changes were made to prevent players from selling ammo from the vendors at higher prices, but I never saw the issue with that to begin with. If a player is content with buying overpriced ammo, so what? They would see that a vendor sold it at higher rep, and they’d be inclined to grind them out to buy the ammo they wanted for less. By the logic that it’s ‘unfair,’ they should remove Fence, since he’s selling overpriced armor (that needs fixing, anyway) to lower level players. I don’t want fence removed, but it falls within that logic.

I imagine a lot of people will disagree with me, so I ask that you consider that not everyone has enough time to get to level 40 so quickly, and rep up the vendors. I’ve played this game for several months, and the highest level I got was level 25 before the last wipe.


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