things that can be added to the game

I know the game is being worked on and that there arent many people are working on it this post isnt about demanding anything i just have suggestions for things that i think would be cool in the game.

1) troll hide carpet

2) rooves made with every hide except boar hide

3) black metal pickaxe. I suggest that it have the same stats as iron pick but with more durability

4) fine wood and core wood doors

5)make all the potions be in the glass bottle for more color light effects

6) taming of necks

7) an expensive portal that can tp metals. I would suggest only allowing 2 to exist in any world and requiring dragon tears fine wood black metal sertling cores to be made and an artisan table to build

8) deer breeding but not deer taming

9) better hammer. its annoying to have to keep repairing the hammer during a big build

10) black metal poles. same as iron poles but different color

11)yellow banner made with cloud berries.

lmk what you guys think just some dumb things i would like to be added to the game if possible


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