Thinking about playing again, how is it these days?

I played STW back when it was just Fortnite, and stopped playing shortly after Battle Royale became a thing. I remember making it as far in the story as to be told "sorry, we don't have any more story but you can keep playing if you want to", and I fell off shortly after that.
My best hero was Mega Base Kyle, and I typically enjoyed building trap tunnels or, better yet, precarious walkways with spikes and wall pushers. I enjoyed gathering resources and playing like a tower defense, only shooting if it looked like my traps would fail. I remember lobbers were really frustrating because they just wrecked house.
So, what's the game like now? Lobbers less horrible? Building and traps still viable? Story added yet?
Is it still fun or is it basically abandonware?
If I do return, what's the current way to get stronger to continue making progress?
(I apologize if these are basic questions, but the fandom wiki looks like it was last updated during alpha, and I really just want to get the opinions of the community that still plays.)


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