Thinking of pulling the trigger on Odyssey, a few questions

I saw that Gamebillet has Odyssey for 20% off and am thinking at this price it's probably worth it to go ahead and grab it, but I have a few questions for those who already have it.

I understand the whole flat screen thing in VR on planets, but am wondering what performance is like in VR for non Odyssey content, and if its trash, can I still boot up Horizons after getting Odyssey and get my VR fix that way? For reference I have a 3900x and an RTX 2080 and a CV1 for VR. I know that performance is kind of all over the place for people with the DLC but am just trying to get an idea of if its generally worse overall, or only in certain areas, no difference, or what?

How much is there to do outside of FPS stuff? Being able to go into stations and (I guess eventually) fleet carriers would be nice. I enjoy checking out planets when I'm exploring and having more planets and the ability to walk around would enhance that. But I'm really not interested in heavy FPS content, not that I don't like FPS but just, if I want to play one I can think of about a half dozen others that I'd rather be playing.

Also, I've read about some UI changes but am a bit uninformed when it comes to the specifics, if anyone could give me a quick rundown of those and the impact they have on gameplay both in Odyssey content and in the game as a whole that would be helpful.


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