This community needs a reality check

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I have never seen a community so split on supporting the developers. Less than 48 hours ago I saw a post wanting to give props to the Gwent team for the patch, and now I'm already starting to see posts on the front page of how supposedly incompetent the Gwent team is.

Feedback will always be important to a game like Gwent that is always evolving and growing. In a game that has frequent major changes, it's important for the community to let the developers know what they like and don't like; with that said, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Calling the devs incompetent and being passive-aggressive is not how you get good change. This shouldn't have to be said, as this generally applies to life in general, but if so many of you are willing to act like children, then I am forced to spell out common sense like I'm talking to children.

The topic of Gwent's success has always been divisive as well, and rightfully so. Many digital collectible card games have come and gone, and it makes sense that people are worried about the longevity of Gwent, but you guys are worrying about it wrong. The constant doomsaying needs to stop. It has lessened down since the update, but this sub has a frequent problem of saying "the game is dying" every time we go just two or three weeks after content additions or changes. Games like these live and die by their playerbases. If you're worried about the game dying, then maybe you should focus on trying to be encouraging to new players. Constantly throwing around negativity is a great way for newcomers to lose interest or not want to engage at all.

Gwent somehow has one of the most negative communities of any game I've ever played, and it's a serious shame. If you truly want this game to thrive, then you need to be nicer towards the people who are making it, and you need to be more welcoming to people who might be getting into it. I understand being frustrated with something you like a lot, but this is not the way. There is a way to be constructive and helpful with your criticism, and a lot of you seem to not understand that. I have seen the same people who have said "I love this game and want it to continue" also say "the devs are morons" and that really needs to stop.

If you truly care about Gwent, then a lot of you need to change your attitude.


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