This game forces me to build and I find it fascinating.

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

So I compare this game to Minecraft (even if that's somewhat ridiculous) because my partner plays a shit ton of Minecraft and I just don't like Minecraft that much, the number one reason is that I don't like building in Minecraft. I'm just really bad at it, so when I got Valheim I assumed that I wouldn't like building, and at first, I was right. But then something magical started happening. It all started when I realized I had a long run to the nearest black forest. I had to build a small base there because it was just more efficient to have somewhere that I could just keep my tin, copper, and corewood that could also serve as a small base until then. I was like "Goddamnit I gotta build again." At first, it was a 2×2 stakewall that I could jump into. Just enough to hold my stuff and repair my gear. Then I started running out of food so I built a fire and a cooking station. Then I needed more room because I wanted a bed to be able to spawn there if I died. I also didn't want it to look bad so I made sure it resembled an actual sensible structure. Then I wanted more and more stuff to help me out there. All of the sudden, 4 hours have passed and I have this absolutely bitchin' watchtower with all kinds of stuff.

That's when it hit me.

I was building! I was really enjoying building and it wasn't because I wanted to, it was because I needed to. Just the simple fact that something was far away forced me to make a whole second base with all of the things I'd need out there. Time is money in valheim, you don't want to waste the duration of your food and well-rested buff on travel, so you bring your home with you! That secondary base wasn't something that I just wanted, it was something that I pretty much needed! In order to be efficient, I had to build. The more I built, the more efficient I was. Idk how y'all feel about it but I find that game design fascinating.


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