This game gets exploration & discovery right – don’t spoil it!

This approach may not apply to everyone's playstyle. As a new player myself, I encourage new players to try and limit their internet exposure to anything Valheim related as much as possible.

If you're like me, to see something as simple as a piece of armour, a piece of furniture, or even the name of an area you haven't yet discovered on your own will rob you of excitement. It's tremendously rewarding to figure things out on your own, so be cautious when perusing Wiki entries or guides/videos made by veteran players.

At some point in the game, I got stuck and had no idea what to do next. I ran and explored for what felt like hours. Some measure of despair started setting in. It was tempting to google the next step, but I stuck to it and could not be happier that I just kept at it.

Also, the risk of dying becomes increasingly terrifying the higher your skills get, making exploration all the more rewarding. Seeing a new monster or discovering a new area will fill you with fear and excitement.

So keep at it! Gems like Valheim don't appear to come along often, and the magic of playing it the first only lasts the first time. Enjoy!


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