This game has become unplayable on mobile with the combination of “lobby full” on 2/10, people creating lop sided settings with no in between, and various other issues.

It’s turning into a piece of shit to play honestly for me. Every lobby that I’m able to get into after 5-6 tries has been an easy mode setting for imposters:

Kill cooldown: 10 seconds
Discussion: 15 seconds
Voting time: 30 seconds

Who finds this fun at all?? Who’s attention span is so short that this would be a reasonable setting to play with?

All I can think of is that the lobby creator doesn’t care if he suffers from playing against that easy mode just as long as he gets to play imposter sometimes and be on that side for a bit.

Then when I find a match that doesn’t have a cooldown of 10 seconds, it’s 45 seconds! Like bruh is there no in between? Don’t make it so easy for imposters but at least give them a chance.

Now I can hear you guys already. “Make your own lobby with your own settings”. I try this multiple times already, but everybody else lobby fills up immediately while mine has to wait 25+ minutes to just get one person.

Utter shit state of the game.


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