This game is actually good enough for me to care to publicly review it.

Walheim: how to make delicious mead and what it is for

As someone who enjoys games but never really cares much about promoting or pitching them to other people outside of my circle of normal friends, Valheim has really caught me as blowing my expectations out of the water after seeing it as just some cheap game to pass a little time on a bored weekend during the summer sale. Just because I don't remember doing it before, I checked to see if I had reviewed any other games on Steam and only Age of Empires 2 popped up, with just a brief 'stands the test of time'. I couldn't be happier with the experience in Valheim and look forward to every time I log in.

Review in full:

First impressions when loading up the game for the first time to play were that the game would be clunky and the graphics are already outdated from what we expect in new games, and that the game would be shelved within the first weekend. It took very little time to cast those feelings aside and get fully immersed and my non-gamer wife just as quickly tried it and got hooked, so now owns it as we adventure together.

Even though the game is still relatively young, the developers seem intent on continually improving the game and keeping players at all stages of their progression involved. My wife and I are currently preparing for the 3rd of 5 current 'bosses' (noticing that there are many more biomes than that which appear destined for their own progression and bosses) and there is just too much wonder and too many wow that's awesome moments to describe. I love the physics in the base building, how you can get sidetracked for hours without complaint just plotting out and planting your first carrot garden, and the terror the first time the creatures of the swamp suddenly show up knocking at the basic wooden walls of my humble starting base while I am in the middle of sorting loot boxes.

I looked up the developer because I have never heard of Iron Gate, and them being a new company out of Sweden somehow just makes this viking game that much better to me. They've definitely earned a fan of my family and a positive prejudice when looking at picking up any future projects they may announce. Here's to enjoying the first 88 hours of play and looking forward to the next 800 and more.


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