This game is dead and <change I think is bad> is why.

As we all know the game is dead and the change I don't like is the cause. I know the majority agrees with me because I feel very strongly about it. I also know it can't be several changes that I like because those are good.

I have personally verified that everyone who hasn't played the game in 30 minutes quit forever because of the change I don't like. Even Nikita agrees because of a tweet or forum post I might have misinterpreted 13 months ago that I can't find again.

If you disagree it's because you're an angry Chad or a Rat, depending on what killed me last. Also you're a w-key warrior and bad at the game. Go play CoD and/or hide'n'seek kiddo.

So again remove the change I don't like because it's bad and never change anything ever again (unless I'll like it).


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