This game is great for about 300 hours, then it falls appart

First I want to say that the game is worth it even if you play 300 hours, it's amazing value for your money especialy if you're just on a standard acount. People are going to get mad about what I'm going to say next, but I don't care: this game is honestly just depressing and boring to play for thounsands hours. I played some others game for over thousands hours and didn't get bored or anoyed, but Tarkov just isn't that kind of game in my opinion, and here is why:

It's not a good skill-based game, because there is a lot of randomness going on in each raids and the netcode and audio is so bad that it doesn't allow good encounters in a lot of cases. Playing this game to get better and better just doesn't feel great when you can play others competitive games that feels way more fair and rewarding.

Ok it's not a "competitive skill based game" wathever, there is countless of them anyway. But it is a good immersive game then ? No it's not. Because how the fuck are you suposed to be immersed in Tarkov as a PMC when there is naked PMC running aroung to put graphics cards in their asshole and people bunny hoping, ADAD strafing all over the places. Maybe if you are half-blind I guess you can make it work, otherwise this game is just not immersive, it could be tho, but for now it's not.

The weapon modding in this game is a joke. Yeah it's absolutely amazing that BSG is passionate about firearms, make all theses individual parts etc but it really it doesn't fucking matter because 90% of theses parts are litteraly useless. Everybody is using the same guns presets, the same parts on every gun, simply because nothing is balanced. This game is all about meta, and if you don't follow the meta you are making yourself weaker and waisting money on top of that. That's not fun, especialy when you play solo and have to fight squads you can't offers being at a disadvantage because of that, so you have to at least use the meta stuff to compete.

The loot distribution on the map and the economy is boring. It simply push people to go fights on the same places on the map over and over again, it makes the end-game extremely repetitive.

The gear distribution in this game is almost non-existent. How am I suposed to be excited about looting high-end gear if there is no scarcity ? it litteraly kills the whole point of a looter shooter if you can have the best shit by doing nothing. You want class 6 armor ? Buy it on the flea. You want the best class 5 helmet ? buy it on the flea. You want M61 ? buy it on the flea.

Seriously what kind of loot distribution is that, it's unreal that it has been in this state for so long and they keep adding more and more stuff like this. Hex grid hello ? 150k roubles class 6 barter trade, best armor in the game at lvl 3 ragman. WTF.


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