This game is NOT for CASUAL PLAYERS. Stop acting and arguing like it is. ITS NOT.

Jesus fucking christ.

In every single post I see hear and read someone whining about "but thats too hard for casual players" and "that new mechanic ruins the game for casual players" and "mimimimi how do I even make money as a casual player" like….are you serious?! This is not fucking Fortnite.

And on top of that when you argue back, youll get called "elitist" lmao like what? In what world are you guys living?

BSB promotes this game as a semi realistic, immersive, HARDCORE SHOOTER. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR CASUALS. IM SORRY.

I hate to be that guy but I dont wanna be called "elitist" only because I very much favour the new changes and to make the game more hardcore. I only started playing mid last wipe and I made so much money so fast, I was level 55 so fast….this was not hardcore. This was "I have FPS experience, I adapt and Im in the top 5% of players within a month".

This wipe the same….I even stopped playing because it wasnt demanding enough and it was just the same drill but I still favour the new changes and I hope they will balance the game against its best players.

BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU DO. To say it with chocotacos words "you dont balance a game against its average players, you balance it against its best players".

And thats exactly what let Pubg die, its stupid devs who dont understand how to balance a game correctly and trying so hard to push it in a direction it wasnt meant to be.

And Im glad to see that BSG doesnt do these mistakes. And I hope it keeps getting harder and I really wish all this casual whining would stop. And people would realise what this game is meant to be and its literally not for everyone. Be hardcore or get out.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk you can now hate me idc.


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