This game is unplayable for new players, look at my score 5-19

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

I am a new player (I have played dota 1 long time ago, so I know most spells and I am pretty good at league)
I am getting matched with absolute noobs mostly (people who are legit worse than easy bots, and usually in 2-3 stacks -> they are new i don't blame them i blame the mm) against ppl with 3-5k games.
WHat kind of matchmaking takes all the new players, groups them togeather and matches them against veterans with 3k games for example who are usually stacked?
I am so fuckin tired of getting stomped, the last game I won (as slark) I had a 3 stack of experienced players from my country on my team and we absolutley demolished the enemy team, but it's usually me and couple brand new players vs a stack like that.

I can only imagine the frustration of an actual brand new player with this matchmaking…

one of my friends joined dota2 cuz he saw me play on steam he also played lol and dota1, he played like 5 games with me and quit, because he got tired of getting stomped 5 games in a row.

I really don't understand how dota2 expects to get any new players with new player experience like this?

Please don't tell me to play against bots, don't be funny

Really don't understand how a game this popular can have this kind of matchmaking and allow itself to have no influx of new players.

Also the 100 hours required for ranked is a joke too.

Btw can I choose to play only mid/safelane in ranked and play only soloq? Or is it like a flex party que for ranked?

EDIT: just got matched against this guy, completly stomped the game.
Let me guess valve can't detect this is a smurf and fuckin instaban the ip? no?
the guy is part of a guild, and also can use emotes, spamming them every time he gets a kill
obv new player huh ? XD
ban his main while ur at it
they dont give a fuck about new players

Matchmaking: let me match this 19w-2l guy vs this 4-20 guy and his 2-22 friend seems like a balanced match yes


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