This game just continues to amaze me.

I got the game back in November of last year pretty much on a whim. I had just bought a VR Headset and I was looking for VR games to play, and I found Elite Dangerous, thought "oh cool, this looks kinda neat" and bought it. I didn't really pick it up until a few weeks later when I went home for Christmas break. I played it a bit, then forgot about it, then maybe late January I picked it back up, after getting a real HOTAS. This time I actually really got into the game and started taking it seriously.

And just wow. This game is literally one of the most in depth, expansive games I have ever played. The lore goes in far deeper than I had previously thought, the backstories and the events surrounding the major powers are just so well intertwined with the players, to the point where the players actually influence the events and power shifts to a degree. And that's not even mentioning the fact it's literally a 1:1 scale of the entire f*cking Milky Way galaxy recreated using the same technology NASA uses! The fact we've only covered like 0.05% or so of the entire galaxy after a whole 7 years of exploring is just incredible. And then there's the community. I've never seen a more dedicated and amazing community than Elite Dangerous. I mean the stuff I've seen that players have pulled off is just incredible. The Fuel Rats, the Hull Seals, pretty much entire factions that were fully player-made. And the lengths people will go to get something done. The whole DSSA thing. I'm mainly a lone wolf in-game but the community is just so incredible.

Sorry I'm probably just another newbie who's like "oh wow space game!" but I just had to vent about how incredible this game is. It's literally my favorite game of all time, and I've been gaming for years. So just a huge thanks to Frontier for making such an awe-inspiring game and also to you guys in the community for being awesome. Okay, rant over.


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