This game needs better detection and better handling of smurfs

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Are there players better than me playing this game? A lot.

Am I in the bracket I belong? Yes, and thats fine by me.

Do I "learn" something from getting dumpstered by a player probably 2-3 times my MMR? I'm afraid I haven't so far, sorry.

Is the technology there yet for detecting a level 19 account with multiple astonishing rampages and winstreaks in profile, who randoms a hero and then owns everyone, as a smurf? I believe it is.

And most importantly: are games with such a player in them fun? Sadly not at all.

I understand Valve not giving a damn. They make the money anyway, and shiny new features are better for the employee rating. The one thing I don't understand how many in this community here do not see the harm this is doing to the game. There always will be abusers, for anything, I get that. Some will be impossible to detect, I understand. But many more than now could be easily identified and stopped. It just needs to become a priority, and it is in our hands to make it that.


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