This is a suggestion for Epic and other Search for Survivors like me

Hello I am in love with your game and I feel I am very addicted with everything about it. I want it to be known that I have a few problems and I would love if you could at least look into them. I would like to know if you guys have any plans for the real "OG" players who really started Fortnite as soon as it was available. I am talking about the people who pre-ordered Save the World to get early access and was there ever sense Day 1. Myself I started playing Fortnite in July 2017 the first day it was available because I was one the Search for Survivors. I chose Muselk as my Commander/Leader to get his Banner in game and I really want to know if will we get rewarded anymore than just a banner? I mean I pre-ordered the game for 60$ and all I have is a banner to show for it… You guys shutdown the update process for Save the World. I have no way of expressing how I started in Fortnite way before others… other than my Muselk Banner. I just want to know why people who bought Halloween skins in Season 1 of Battle Royale get more than then someone who Pre-Ordered Save the World for 60$. The Halloween skins got "OG" styles like the pink/purple versions. Will the Search for Survivors ever get anything other than a banner. I'd love to have a exclusive type of skin or style of something. The banner is not a very good cosmetic and would appreciate to just have like a special skin instead so I can wear it and be proud that I was here at the beginning of the greatest game ever. Please I talked to several owners of the Search for Survivors/Youtube Banners and they all feel cheated and like we are not appreciated for supporting from the beginning. Please look into this it would actually mean the world to me.. Thank you for reading this and hopefully something comes from this.


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