This is my first post on this subreddit, and my last game of dota

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Hi there. I'm an average player of Dota 2, playing around 2k MMRToday I've played my last game of Dota, and I've decided to not play it anymore, ever.

I can go over a number of things that pushed me to this decision, but let's stop at the biggest one.DOTA 2 is not fun anymoreToxic teammates have become an usual, not a rarity. Smurfs, scripters, abusers, every second game. Ruiners, feeders, leavers, and so on. I've come to Dota with 2 of my best friends, and we had fun all the way through, but since both of them are not playing – I've had only depression and suicidal thoughts after losing another lane, another game, another team fight.

I don't want to cry "GABEN/ICEFROG FiX DoTa BrOkEn GaEm!!1!1!!!", the devs are doing a really great work at improving the game, and this will never be a dev problem. I just want to leave.

Thank you, every player that tried to keep the team mood up when another toxic party start throwing the game, thank you every player that made the game way more fun, when the game became so nice and chill we didn't care about another lose. Thank everyone for making Dota – DOTA.

And since I know myself, I'll delete the game and after a while I'll come back – I'll sin. I want my Dota 2 account VAC banned, and there is only one way of achieving this. I am saying sorry to every player that will play in the games I will untill I'll get VAC banned.


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