This is not an accusation or a witchhunt, but let’s please have a look and conversation about this recent video from a popular and skilled player: LVNDMARK

The most recent video he has upload as of right now, in my opinion, is sketchy as shit. I understand that he checks chat CONSTANTLY and that he does so even during fights, he's proved this all the time by literally continuing the conversation mid 4v1 or such. So I don't believe all the people screaming that he has walls/is watching other players. is the timestamped video of the most suspicious thing I've ever seen from him and I watch him CONSTANTLY. I feel bad for typing this because I really like him and like watching the stream but this is sketchy. I've slowed it down to .25 and honestly it looks like his arm reacts for sure a few frames AFTER the gun snaps to the guy in the bush.

Let's discuss? Again this isn't an accusation but I have to say that I am very, very suspicious right now but open minded.


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