This may be a dumb suggestion but why cant CDPR impose limits or caps on a card’s ability like they did with Greatsword?

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Basically what I’m saying is, it feels every expansion the community finds ways to abuse cards that have no caps or no limits on what they can do. There are so many, many, MANY tools in Gwent to balance and limit otherwise broken cards or abuse by players who find workarounds. Feel free to flame me.

For example Greatsword being capped to only go up to 10 power was an amazing and balanced change, the card went from being overpowered to being balanced yet strong and appropriate to its provision cost that card still gets used in most SK decks.

So why when this great solution has been found the exact same mistake is made with Messenger of the Sea, which has uncapped power and can reach insane values with Fucusya and Rioghan? If CDPR thinks it’s because rain damage is harder than regular damage, it’s not I know because I’m playing a rain deck we have lots of ways to generate it now.

There should also be limits for example on how many Resilience units a player can have like say no more than 4 Resilience status on board, or a cap on how many Fee orders SY can use depending on provision, I still say a 7 provision Clown or Drill shouldn’t be able to wipe a whole board.

Other types of strategies are naturally capped like for example swarm since you can only have 9 cards per row, yet other strategies are allowed to un amok despite the devs having tools to limit them. To say nothing of clever keywords like Adrenaline and especially Devotion that are just collecting dust, unused. Only used as a way to “sell” an expansion instead of using such well thought out keywords to balance cards and decks.


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