This maybe an opinion from a viewpoint of a bright eyed bushy tailed neewbie, with only about 8 months into Elite. But I can’t shake the feeling that some people in the community put WAY too much stock into Braben and his apologies and statements considering the Odyssey fiasco.

Considering the issues with Odyssey so far, at least from the perspective of a console plebian like myself are:

-Huge server instability issues, splashing over to consoles as well.

-Planet tech shot to shit.

-Massive inconsistencies in performance, regardless of the hardware specs.

-Using PC players as testers to what amounts to a beta, yet cost full DLC price.

-Close to zero concise factual communication from FDev, apart from Brabens apologies who's had limited if any direct impact on Odyssey or on Elite for years, and was brought out for what seem like sympathy points.

-FDev's handling of the situation and lack of proper and up to date communication up until now.

-Odyssey issues causing not just constant connection issues on consoles playing horizons as well, but actually breaking missions by making planets with delivery targets all of a sudden atmospheric making landings impossible.

-Properly shady and straight up misleading marketing and statements leading up to the release of Odyssey. (finishihing this point, and just got another disconnect btw.)

-Dividing one of the most invested, talented and passionate community in gaming further apart, a community that the dev's have punted a vast amount of quality of life tools to develop via 3rd party tools. A community that is the literal lifeblood of the entire game.

I could go on, but you probably already got the jist that the issues with Odyssey are far from just janky performance and bugs.

Personally, I'd appreciate getting answers and general info from the actual devs, and not these statements from Braben who's had very little if ANY direct impact on Elite for years for all any of us knows, and even less impact on Odyssey or its development.

Braben being a visionary, or his achievements from a decade ago don't mean anything to me, I want proper actual, factual info from the people who actually are putting in the work and know what's going on in the day to day development.

Let's not forget that it was Braben years ago talking about how the ships have been designed with interiors and gameplay in them in mind from the start, and now we're in a situation years later where where we're still just fantasizing about the interiors.

Problem with visionaries is that their visions and fantasies don't mean shit, before the people putting in the work actually puts those visions into action by realizing them, just ask SC players.


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