This portal discussions are blowing me away, and I just don’t get it.

So I've seen so many posts discussing ore travel or boredom from using the portals at all. There are so many people saying portals make the game smaller and ore transport shouldn't be added to the game because it will make boating obsolete. I'm not sure I quite understand what this thought process this is..

Im especially lost on the latter argument that ores shouldn't be aloud through portals. No one is forcing you to use portals at all. You can chose to not use them. If they added ore travel, you could opt out of taking things through the portal? Why does everyone want to force other people to play the way they think the game should be played? No one is telling you how to play, so I'm lost on why there are people rallying to say "please don't add this to the game". WHAT? Why? No one is making you use them. If you don't want them added because then you will be tempted to use it, then you obviously have a small part of you that thinks it would be nice to have. And telling the devs to keep it out of the game because you don't want that temptation is selfish to the people that would like to have the ease of travel.

I see so many posts saying it will take away exploration, sailing, or even the use of carts. If you are only sailing to transport ore, then you are missing half the game right there. I mostly use the boat to find new places to build. And that's my preference. You don't see me trying to gather people and say "I think the boats should only be used to sail around, we should take the storage compartments out of boats so people use the boat the way I think it should be used", that would be ABSURD. Why should I tell someone how to sail?

I just don't think there should be an imposed "right way" to play this game. The devs made it so you can go to any of the bosses at any pace, specifically so the player can play the game how they see fit. This portal nonsense is going directly against that. If they add portal ore travel, don't use it if it rubs you that wrong of a way. I'm sure there will be features they release in the future that I would see as useless that many others would find great, but I sure as hell am not going to rally to say "take it out of the game, because MYSELF finds it useless". This game was made for freedom to play, why would anyone try to impose the way they want to play on others.

Long rant, just wanted to get it off my chest with all of these posts popping up. Play how you want to play, none one is the boss of what you do in your world and that's beautiful, but trying to stop things that you wouldn't even be required to do if they did add it to the game doesn't see fair to the people thay it would add to their experience.


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