This reddit complained about every expansion

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I am sorry if you get your feelings hurt, but most of the people here are always complaining about something… I haven't seen a single expansion, in the course of the 2 and a half years that I've been here, be praised. Why are you like this? Can't you be a little greatful for the things we've got, for once?

The only card game that didn't asked for my wallet and is F2P at its core. The only card game that makes changes to old cards, so that they can be relevant and feel fresh, and not milk you with power crept bullcrap like every other card game. The only card game that has uniqueness and every card can make a difference is always attacked and disgraced by parts of the community that plays it…

I really can't understand the frustration in you guys. There might be some out of the world combos after this expansion BUT THE GAME FEELS FRESH. Its fun to not know what I am going to be up against. Its fun to search for anti meta decks and to try and understand how to counter 13 resilience units. And its fun to PLAY the fucking game instead of writing threads, how rock paper scissors the game is or deck building is deciding the games. CARD GAMES FROM YU GI OH TO HEARTHSTONE are supposed to have that pre deterministic factor. After all the fun part is to BUILD THE FCKING DECK, not to steam roll with SY because there can only be one tier 1 deck.

Every faction is viable and OP now, enjoy the game, stop being toxic. And before you say that I am the toxic one, I will stop you right there and say that I am triggered. Not toxic but triggered. Because instead of actual content I read about how the game is somehow "not okay" and not even a week has passed after the final release of the expansion…

You people must stop spread this kind of toxicity and enjoy the game for what it is!


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