This update is a extraordinarily disappointing…

I’m honestly speechless… not only did they add absolutely nothing, the changes Epic did make only broke the game. Llamas now lagg the game so much it’s like you’re playing Fortnite on an Atari 800 except that console actually had a better framerate.

Secondly they made bows useless. I mean if they wanted to nerf the bow, fine I guess. But make the weapon usable. How does this change make ANY physical sense? If you charge a bow it would mean you’re shot would be more precise right? But no your arrows just fall straight to the ground now so that’s cool I guess.

Deliver the bomb is also broken now. You can’t start the launcher making the mission impossible. Tried it 3 times in a row and it didn’t work on any of my attempts. I mean bugs can occur from time to time but this is taking it to whole new level. If there is something I’m doing wrong I’d be happy to hear it.
Edit: apparently this isn’t a new bug but it’s still annoying.

And I’ve only played the update for less than 1 hour. It’s shocking to already see all these things within 1 hour of gameplay. I’m honestly scared to see how much more the game is gonna break on me if I keep playing.

Why did they add NOTHING new to the game? Not even a new hero, weapon, or even one new text box. It’s just sad to see stw being treated this way. The only new content in the update is the fact that the game doesn’t work now. What an unbelievable mess this game is now. I’m not even mad, just VERY disappointed.

Remember when video games were supposed to be fun?


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