This Week in Gwent #5 Summary

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VOD of Burza's original stream

Note. This summary was brought up by the team of TGGwent. If you're a part of russian-speaking community of Gwent, then you'd like see the translated summary or more articles in our teletype.

Also, you can check our bots (both english and russian are supported) which are pretty useful tbh and are available in Telegram.

News and announcements

  • Update 8.4 is live on all platforms.
  • The season of Elf has started. It ends on the may 6th.
  • Also, the schedule of seasonal modes for April has arrived. Note that they change every week now.
  • Developers are going to ressurect Gwent's page on instagram.
  • They are aware of the problem with Shupe shop on iOS and the problem with some new reward trees. They're already working on a fix.

Community corner

Meme corner

Community Q&A

  • Q Will the boards from the last Masters season come back?
  • A Not yet, we’d like to add some more vanities.

  • Q With the shift to a bimonthly drop of cards will we have the card reveals a month before the drop or will that change?
  • A Yea, that will happen as normal. Actually, Ryan Godrick will be working on the reveal plan, they will de normally available and revealed.

  • Q Will the Path of the Witcher characters be considered as leader skins?
  • A Yep, that’s actually a cool idea, It’ll be difficult to start working on their models right now, because we have the journeys. But we’re totally not saying no, because this is a great idea.

  • Q Will arena make a comeback? We miss it
  • A The old arena is not going comeback for sure, the thing we want to do is make the current arena mode better, we’ll be adding more options to it and also we might think about some kind of rewards, like we have a lot of ideas for it, but it’ll take some time.

  • Q What about Journey contracts?
  • A No, contracts won’t come back.

  • Q Will the seasonal mode be an option to play with a friend?
  • A We’re seeing a lot of these, so I’ll tell the designer team. It’s not a superpriority now, but will be as it’s a great idea. Molegion and Jason said it’s a cool feature.

  • Q Will there be more reward book trees coming with expansions?
  • A Most likely, yes.

  • Q When we will get the new Pavko cosplay?
  • A You mean me as Pavko? I would like to dress up as Pavko again, but all my Pavko stuff is in the studio. Maybe I should just bring it and do TWiG as Pavko?

(Of course he should lol)


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