This Week in Gwent #6 Summary

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VOD of Burza's original stream

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News and announcements

  • Gwent is now available on macOS, operating on Apple M1 chips
  • The new 'Did you know?' post has been released
  • Developers are looking for a VFX artist to join the Gwent team
  • The Season of the Bear Qualifier is happening this weekend. With two final matches being hosted by SpecimenGwent and Jaggerous at 2 pm CEST

Community corner

Meme corner

Bonus leak

Community Q&A

  • Q When will we get the Pavko cosplay?
  • A We will get old Pavko cosplay soon, next week, if possible. Actually, Pavko is stuck in Brokilon, he was supposed to appear here this week, but he didn’t make it in time.

  • Q Could you please make match history available to view on twitch?
  • A I don’t think it’s posible based on Observer and its functionality, but for sure, Observer is something wo want to work a little bit on and improve it.

  • Q Isn’t Gwent team too small? It seems like you want to do a lot of things, but have to little people or resources to do it.
  • A This is an overall problem in any game-development company. There are many things that you want to implement, that you want to do and there are things, that you have to take into account, that you want to do on normal basis. Which is monthly updates, expansions and dropping new cards, new content, new products, doing new journeys, supporting eSports and having the competitive scene going, posting, creating new video-content. So, there is a lot of projects that you have in your backlog and you’ll always run into something like you have to stop and to cut some scopes or you have to put different priorities on the projects. And it’s impossible to do everything at the same time.

  • Q Any plans to make the hotkeys in Gwent?
  • A You mean like hotkeys on your keyboard when you press once and it happens? Not that I’m aware of.

  • Q Since you and Jason are to be seen on the stunning artworks, I wonder, which members of Gwent team are also present there, are there more?
  • A Yes, there’s actually a lot of people. For one of TWIGs I hope I’ll be able to do a compilation, if not, if you go to Claymore Gwent twitter, you’ll be able to see some of the developers who are present on cards. For example, Kerrack Marine that’s Reni, Gabor Zigrin that’s Luigi, who is working on Cyberpunk right now, Giant Boar is also featuring one of our devs, Anya is Knife Juggler.

  • Q Question about seasonal trees. Seasonal trees give us a premium bronze for 3 RP which requires to do quest, but transferred in scraps it only gives us 10. Do you have any plans to revisit the seasonal tree rewards?
  • A Probably yes, we will be looking into them. Overall, seasonal trees is something that is still work in progress, so yeah.

  • Q What is the plan on the animated tokens? 1-2 animated tokens for a month or release them all at once?
  • A For now, we are working on animating the tokens. And idea for them is to do make most of them and then decide how we want to distribute them. Either we’ll have a bundle of them or something different.

  • Q Are you going to change the Gwent deck library? Are you going to expand its functionality?
  • A Actually, when it comes to the deck library and to whatever is on, we’re working on it and we’re gonna fix it. The new kind of library that we’re working on is gonna be very similar to the one that you have on the website, functionality-wise, it will be pretty much the same. Except for you’ll be able to create decks on the website itself.

  • Q Music kits in Journey?
  • A I mean, we want to do something with the game music. We are currently working on growing our team, that is responsible for music very much

  • Q Are you planning to bring back all the music from the game? I mean, from the beta to Witcher 3.
  • A Yes, it’s something we have been thinking about. The problem with it is that the new music will have to be redone almost entirely to fit the game and take into account all the leader taunts and stuff like that.

  • Q Young crones?
  • A I didn’t leak young crones, I said that they can be added to the game one day.


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