This Week in Gwent #9 Summary

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VOD of Burza's original stream

Note. This summary was brought up by the team of TGGwent. If you're a part of russian-speaking community of Gwent, then you'd like see the translated summary or more articles in our teletype.

Also, you can check our bots (both english and russian are supported) which are pretty useful tbh and are available in Telegram.

News and announcements

  • The Masters Season 1 is back and scheduled to return on the 5th of June
  • All information on Masters Season 1 Twitch Drops is coming soon
  • The Season of Elf qualifier is happening this weekend with final games being casted by Jaggerous and Specimen
  • tobliaT won't be participating in Gwent Masters, unfortunately, but Tailbot will be.

Community corner

Meme corner

Bonus Leak!

Community Q&A

  • Q Will we ever be able to sort our titles in our profiles in aplhabetical order or by color?
  • A Well, we'll have to do something about having so much vantities there and we don't know what yet. I think, TrendyGwentleman is the website where you can see where does every avatar or title come from.

  • Q The Witcher series and Thronebreaker have great pieces of music. Will we be able to get these as cosmetics alongside leader skins and boards?
  • A We were actually thinking about music as a vanity, but it's an early idea. But it's on a radar, for sure, it's on a radar.

  • Q Will there be any animation changes to basic leader skins? I mean Journey skins have different animations according to a leader ability.
  • A We like to add more stuff instead of going back and trying to work on those, but our animation team is coming, you know, in and out of stuff and changing things around, so I'm not saying it's off the table, but it's not that is superhigh priority. Like you guys know, that the most important thing for us now is to keep the Journeys going and to working on the future expansions.

  • Q Are there any plans to work on quality of life changes soon? Like having access to a detailed history of a match or seeing banished cards in the graveyard?
  • A Don't tell anyone that I told you but it is to speed up some animations in the game, this is something that is on our radar. The next thing we want to do is to make more things happen on the board, some cooler effects, like we did with Tactical Advantage, like having more eye-candy in the game. The detailed match history is also something that comes out from time to time, I will probably ping people about and let him know.


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