This will tell you How strong TS is. They have two best supports around the world. (Match fixing)

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

给看不懂的兄弟理一道这波Team Spirit暂停_DOTA2 (

什么叫做冠军辅助啊?_电子竞技热门视频 (

我不好说,就暂且蒙在鼓里吧_电子竞技热门视频 (

All of these 3 replays show the mouse movement from 2 TS supports.

They are always tracking the LGD'S carry which is too professional.

In my opinion, they should play CS GO rather than DOTA2

They will be the best sniper there and win $322 again?

TI10 is a totally Match fixing. Here are 2 evidence : DotA2 (

One more evidence shows that the TI10 Grand Final is strange or Match fixing : DotA2 (

IS TI10 Strange/Match fixing? Evidence 3/3 : DotA2 (


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