This wipe is so friendly!

Let me preface this by saying that while both of these instances happened while hatchet running, that is not my normal playstyle, and I was only trying to level up skills I needed for the hideout more efficiently off stream. You can check my stream and post history if you want to verify. I'm a hipster Interchange rat that has been running the electronics loot run since before it was cool.

Anyways, back to the story.

Yesterday, I went into a hatchet raid on customs with a bunch of mayo and aquamaris to level up my metabolism skill. Since I was near dorms, I decided to yolo over to 3rd floor to see if I could knock out my Golden Swag quest.

As I went in the door, a juicer started shooting at me from down the hall, but missed as I ducked into the first room. I called cease fire and started spamming melee, and after a bit of peeking back and forth to build trust, he let me grab my quest item and watched the door for me until I left. It definitely felt like there was an unspoken "You're not here for my loot? We're chill then" kind of vibe. Of course, I forgot my cabin key and proceeded to get nailed by a scav on my way to extract, but random juicer man was certainly very helpful.

On the flip side, the friendliness isn't always the best. After I got my metabolism leveled up, I started hatchet spamming factory to level my vitality skill (by getting killed repeatedly). About 3 raids in, I ran into a stacked 3 man in the office area. Instead of killing me, they decided to let me live (obviously counter to my goal of getting brutally slaughtered). So I go to loot the safe to get them to shoot me, and ended up pulling out a teapot and an SSD while they covered me. Then they dropped a tac sport headset for me and escorted me to extract, including killing another PMC that was shooting at me. So I ended up wasting 20 min of queue and game time without getting any vitality points. Damn friendly motherfuckers. 😉


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