Thor 15

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

My 15th attempt at hardcore ended today on my server Thor15. This is how I keep them straight, by server name.

I had all silver gear and was nearing max upgrade on most of the pieces. I was lacking wolf hide, so I decided to hunt at night. I was going back uphill, rock hopping. I had just crested the hill when a 2-star and 1-star jumped me. I swung Frostner at them, but they were on just a little different altitude and no hits connected. My stamina was dead from the ascent, and as I was chugging my stamina mead, they killed me.

It was a good run, on a pretty decent seed. The early game was trivial. Skeleton crypts directed me to Elder, and the trader was maybe 100m from Elder.

I did a non coastal base in the Black Forest hills near the nodes I aimed to exploit, and that was not too bad. My sailing run to find the thick swamp was successful, but there were no decent islands nearby, so I carved out a hunk of coastal black forest for my sea base.

Swamp mining was fine, but took long as usual. Bonemass was easy with upgraded iron armor, mace, shield block, poison resistance pots and the usual kite around the spawn strategy. The real low for me in the iron age was coming back with my first Karve of iron. I had a chest on the dock wall, and the seas were rough. I had encumber loaded 5 stacks of iron, had just clicked one into the chest and was spam clicking the rest when a wave surged me out of chest range and dumped 4/5ths of my iron haul into water too deep to recover or elevate with a hoe.

I had found a couple nice mountains, one very steeply above a meadow biome far below. The big problem was terrain up there was really severe. There was a shoulder, then another high climb, and it wasnt that flat up there so I was always burning out on stamina. I think I spent more time trying to build a road for a cart than necessary, and finally just hiked it 23 stack at a time to a cart on the mountain.

That cart though. Ugh. Nearly lost it twice when I turned around and couldnt see it. It had rolled over while I was looking away. One time I had to plant a series of chests up the mountain face to then lateral to the drop point and avoid dealing with swamp cart.

Golem pits worked out great this run, with the harpoon and drag them to the pit method. Wolves were not so bad in the day. Just hold shield block, then counter.

I think next run I will breed wolves just for the fur to avoid the long process of killing entire packs of wolves to upgrade that cloak.

Mining and axe skill were naturally over 80 when I died. Oh well, Thor 16 here I come


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