Those that night raid without night vision, do you know the maps that well or do you have different goals?

TL;DR: Those of you that run night raids with no night vision, do you know the maps that well, stay to better lit maps, avoid cloudy/rainy weather, or other reasons? Please discuss why or why not you enjoy running night raids without NVGs AKA Horror Mode.

I've tried my hand at a few night raids without NVGs on the maps that have a little more light than normal, like Interchange or maybe Customs (just because it's my most played map by far) so I feel like maybe I can get by. Woods with clear skies and the beautiful moonlight has a lot of visibility in the more open areas but when it's cloudy, I can't see a damn thing on most of the maps at night if it's cloudy or raining. I've tried a few different settings for my display and monitor but everything still feels on the dark side so I feel NVGs are basically a necessity at night but I'd like to hear from the rest of the community.

When I play at night, even with NVGs, every tree rustle, bush brush, tree branch that sounds like hollow wood boards, my butt hole puckers up and I'm reaching for the Xanax so I can make it to the exfil without a panic attack. How do you people do it? 🙂


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