Thoughts about Bounty

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Bounty needs help, and part of the problem is difficulty damaging units with Bounty on them IMO. The main source is Witch Hunter Executioner, which is very fragile, with Freak Show or an awkward Tunnel Drill as a secondary source. Damage crimes work in a pinch but usually you want them for removal, and waiting a turn to put a bounty on something is risky and a bit awkward; unless you have Menge on the board, but he has been powercrept and frequently doesn't stick around for long.

I was thinking that a new keyword, let's call it Wanted for now, could help out the archetype. Basically it's Conspiracy, but for Bounty instead of Spying. Here are some applications:

Salamandra Assassin

Give the Order Wanted: do 3 damage instead

Bounty Hunter

4p, 2 power

Deploy: damage an enemy by 2

Wanted: damage it by 4 instead


Give the Deploy Wanted: damage an enemy by 6 instead

Sketch Artist

6p, 4 power

Order, Wanted: remove up to 4 boost from an enemy and lock it

Also, I think there should be more support for the archetype, such as


5p, 5 power

Whenever an enemy receives Bounty, gain 2 coins

Fee 1: boost self by 1

As it stands right now Bounty is really 1 dimensional, hopefully in the future it can be a viable and varied archetype.


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