Thoughts of this ventures season (Finished Scurvy Shoals and this is what I have to say about it)

After me playing this game literally nonstop for the last few days, I can safely say this season was the worst season in ventures history. Here is why I think this:

  • Ventures modifier was unintentionally overpowered at launch, leading to some very unfair experiences, many players spent over 15-20 minutes getting a good defense going for a mission just for it to be mowed down and lose everything earned. I personally was a victim and this kind of experiences made me just want to get off the game, I didn't have the patience to do a whole 20-30 minute mission again.
  • Quests: Where do I even start? The mushroom one was very bad due to the low spawn rates, sure you guys are fixing it next update but still, this should have been something you guys act fast in. Did you guys forget proper procedures to fixing something? What I mean by this is instead of making US the players suffer for an issue you guys oversaw, you could have simply autocompleted the quest via hotfix and prevent something like this from happening in the future, easy and fast way to get the bug away from the player so you have less pressure to fix it. The clothing slides also were all not counting and was able to find 1-2 per mission. When I finally was able to finish the mushroom quest, I was playing catchup and forced to do so many resupply and eliminate and collect to get them all done. I didn't need the XP from the other missions due to the fact that I was level 49 and just catching up on these quests would have made me finish the season.
  • Misc: even though those 2 were the main issues, there are some other things I experienced that annoyed me a lot, the main one is the text box on the left side of my screen flickering a lot resulting in fps drops. Another thing is the timeout bug, when you would finish a mission it would skip the chest sequence scene and take you to the lobby, usually, that makes us all happy since we can leave earlier, but this bug resets all the quests you finished in that mission, forcing you to start it over. It is very frustrating because there were 3 missions where I got this bug and I had mushrooms gathered from it, it sucked how it reset the already very hard-to-find mushrooms.
  • Overal Scale of this season: 4/10 (Many frustrating bugs and experiences that always left me questioning myself if I should forget about this season and screw the superchargers, please make the next one a lot more consistent and balanced, it would mean a lot to all of us, the community if you do).


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