Thoughts on how to fix events

I’ve seen a lot of posts saying how Tarkov events are severely unbalanced and punish newer players. I agree with a lot of the points that these posts make, but I don’t think that we should take away from higher-level players, after all, they did work for everything they have.
Instead, events should punish everyone the same initially, offer some sort of gain, should spice things up, and should make your ability to buy everything from flea/use your huge stash of things a secondary factor.

As an example, medication is “expired”. Meds bought from traders/meds that were stored in the stash have less uses and heal less. Painkillers could have a delay before kicking it and bandaged might take longer to apply. Meds found in raid would be normal, albeit slightly rarer, and sell to traders for 20% more. This would mean that it affects everyone, but everyone has a chance to actually profit and not lose absolutely everything. High-levels would still be at their gear advantage (as it they should, games should be somewhat rewarding and better stats/gear is that reward), but now cannot rely on their massive stashed to carry them through an event.
Or, even better, a weekend-long storm event would be a balanced event on top of being sick (probably). How well you preform during it depends on awareness/earned gear. Though my desire for one is likely because I haven’t ever seen rain in Tarkov and think it’d be pretty.

So, change the way events are implemented to have an equal initial impact on everyone, experienced or inexperienced, and offer some sort of reward. How well you do should depend on you, not whether or not you can buy everything/use your hoard of items (this should only be a secondary factor). After all, Tarkov is supposed to punish you for a loss and events are supposed to mix up gameplay.

What do you think?


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