Thoughts on magazines in secure containers?

This is something I've been noticing a lot lately, due to the high price of quality ammo and players having more container space to play with late wipe, plus the abundance of 50-60 round mags, many are keeping one mag in their gun and 1-3 more in their containers, avoiding the need to repack mags and risking minimal ammo. This was an issue a while back when magazine cases were allowed in containers, causing BSG to change containers to block it.

The result is that players no longer need to strike a balance between carrying lots of magazines and risking losing it all versus having fewer magazines and less risk but needing to repack more often, they can have the best of both.

Another side effect is that if you're a new or low gear player and manage to get a good kill on a geared player, you're unlikely to be able to make use of their weapon as you just won't have the ammo to support it. Similarly if you're a geared player but dump all of your ammo in a fight and don't have time to repack, you're less likely to be able to just grab another kit to defend against third parties.

Do you guys think this is an issue? Or is the loss of container space an acceptable trade off for keeping fully packed mags secure? Should 50-60 round mags be bigger given how popular they are and how they don't fit in tighter mag slots IRL?


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