Thoughts on Odyssey (from a console player)

As far as this goes I finally made the big move to PC without doing an account wealth transfer mostly because I wanted to keep my Xbox save apart from finally seeing the pilots Federation District I also downloaded Odyssey I figured since I got the base game for free from epic games it was finally time to try it and I got Odyssey because why the hell not I wanted to make my own opinion of it and here we are

The good
Gameplay-wise Odyssey is pretty decent at first glance also with the ability to have shuttles take you to where you want to go if you If your ship is not yet capable that's how I got to my home system without a good ship after earning myself some money in the Pilot's Federation District, the ground combat is pretty fun and I'm doing a good job either avoiding bullet sponges or grouping up on them, even though my Dominator is grade 1 and all my weapons are the same I'm still getting decent FPS combat before you start commenting remember I started clean I don't have any Engineers unlocked yet.

The bad
Even though I stated some good things above there is also some bad most notably travel times by Apex or Frontline Solutions these really need to be fixed or changed or at least give us something to do in the meantime yes I know something is on its way and I would like to see what it is first, even though I've been able to avoid or group up on most bullet sponges the ones I didn't were nearly impossible to kill there's seriously needs to be a way to fix this, don't even get me started on the grind for upgrading suits the yamiks showed us how long it takes to grind just one suit I'm really not interested in doing that if it takes that long and is that tedious

The Neutral
Ground combat/warzones pays really well but is it just me or is finding anything other than combat that is legal and pays well just difficult again I'm still very new to Odyssey, apart from being several months old it still seems to have a couple bugs I keep on getting the Black adder error code sometimes when I exit an apex shuttle don't ask why I'm using an apex shuttle please

Was this worth $40 honestly probably they're still work that needs to be done and honestly a frontier can salvage what's left of the game after seeing all Odyssey players had to go through I honestly think Elite dangerous has a chance here I decided that I was going to try it anyways because I know players are enjoying it I figured I might as well try myself to see what side I land on and honestly I landed right in the middle I love some mechanics and gameplay but they also hate some of the mechanics if I had to rate Odyssey I would give it 6/10 they're still work that needs to be done and maybe even new content but once that gets fixed I could see a bright future I went from almost completely retiring to giving the game a second chance


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