Thoughts on Reserve SBIH

Hey guys, to begin I want to point out this is by no means anything more than a matter a guys personal opinion on a quest.

Basically I've been questioning the change to sbih as of this wipe as the choice to switch from interchange is an interesting one, on one hand, it would appear easier at first glance but on another, it just forces the reserve rats (and anyone looking to make serious profit) down into buildings and the bunker/tunnels, as they are now even more aware of all of the long angles on the map.

In my opinion these longer sightlines are giving the illusion of an easier quest through the fact they appear much easier to watch, but when 80% of the lobby dissapears into the tunnels at the beginning of the game, it just makes it seem even more difficult.

To solve this I propose that we have a system where you are allowed to play all maps on the game, the quest being getting 3 headshots at 100m on any 4 maps. This would allow those of us that wish to play things like interchange for sbih without hindering anyone that has an opposing opinion to mine,

To conclude I would like to remind you that 1st I'm a random guy with a probably shitty idea and 2nd that I understand that sbih is supposed to be a challenging quest


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