Thoughts on Skill Loss on Death, and some ideas that might lessen the sticker shock of the ordeal

So in my personal opinion, I totally agree that if you are:

  • Exploring the Land
  • Exploring on a Boat
  • Away from your base Gathering Materials
  • In Combat: Fighting a Boss
  • In Combat: While a Raid is going on
  • In a Crypt

And you DIE… a penalty totally makes sense

But what if the game took it a little easier on you when you are not in one of these situations?

What if given the right circumstances you got a buff much like the "Rested" Buff that was basically indicating that

"Ok You're probably safe. and you're building something cool so we'll give you a little bit of a safety net so you can cut loose and be creative"

Suggestion#1: A buff to reduce how frequently you might die while working on your base

Having this buff it would protect you if you would have died from fall damage surviving with 1HP and not letting you benefit again from that for like 5 minutes or something

Safety Net buff (or better name)*


  • Staying within a certain Distance from a Spawn Point Bed (workbench range or a little further)
  • While not in combat
  • With no enemies nearby (like when you're trying to sleep)
  • While not in the Ocean or a Crypt
  • And it being at least 30 sec to 1 min since you last attacked with a combat weapon

You GAIN: "SAFETY NET" buff that will prevent you from dying to fall damage 1x Time leaving you at 1HP and giving you a Debuff so you cannot benefit again from "Safety Net" buff for 5 minutes (or longer)

The buff would last for a specific amount of time and immediately go away if you enter combat, get too close to an enemy, or strayed too far from your spawn bed, etc.

This way you can at least get a single warning that you're being too reckless while building your super elaborate rooftop, Raised Garden or your huge mage tower

Another thing to consider is how detrimental death is the higher your skills are.

Right now you lose 5% of your skill progress so that means a single death can take out 5 skills levels from 1 mistake, from a bad boss battle you might lose 20-30 skill points or worse.. that's weeks of retraining for some.

Suggestion#2: On Death, lose 5% of your Skill progress up to a maximum of 2 full Skill Levels lost

losing 2 levels would be the equivalent of losing 5% of your entire skill progress if your skill was at 40

Sooooo… at:

  • Death at Skill Level 10 / Current: -1/2 level / New: -1/2 level
  • Death at Skill Level 20 / Current: -1 level / New: -1 levels
  • Death at Skill Level 40 / Current: -2 level / New: -2 levels
  • Death at Skill Level 80 / Current: -4 level / New: -2 levels
  • Death at Skill Level 100 / Current: -5 level / New: -2 levels

Although IDEA 2 wouldn't be as necessary if something like IDEA 1 was adopted but still throwing that out there..

I'm not saying the game NEEDS this stuff, but it would make it a little easier to take time to do cool things or not have to dedicate tons of time to raising skills

…but that's my 2 cents 🙂 Happy Hunting!


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